Alexandre Melo


Realizing everything but it

There's a wish I want to make!

I feel it here,

Deep down!

My soul is hurted,

So do I!

Feelings of mine,

Are drowning me!

Minds empty,

Broken hearts,

Well-being far away!

Lord, help me!

I've just forgotten!

Maybe the thing I wanted...

Wasn't that special, after all!

I would say,

I'd give up...

But that was going to be,

Giving up...

On myself!

So much pain!

So much fire!

So much everything!

For three years,

I've been changing!

For worse?

For better?

I don't know!

I think...

I'd rather be the worst,

Than being,

My unfeigned,

Actual true me!

I love the past!

And I'm starting to understand why!

Back then,

I wasn't...



Nothing of it!

But now I am!

And where did it take me?


To disgrace!

I'm not complaining!

This gave me a lot!

I met amazing people!

I dicovered passions,

That I'd never think I could have!

It gave me knowledge!

And that is beautiful!

Perhaps there is a yin yang!

Two forces!

Hell and sky!

But how can we control it?

We can't!


We can control us!

And that will control it!

Humanity should save itself!

I must advice you!

Emotions are dangerous!

We must fear it!

Although, we should fear nothing!

Not even ourselves!

I'm truly sorry for myself...

Sorry that I didn't realize,

How much beauty there's in life!

I guess that three years of changing weren't,

After all,

Enough for seeing it all!

I just wish I can see it about myself,