Alexandre Melo



Como prometido aqui vai um dos primeiros poemas em inglês de autoria própria.

Espero que gostem!!!

The life is cruel, 

But the man has always fuel! 

Fuel to continue living, 

Even when he falls by the mountain.


A mountain? 

What do you mean? 


Think in life... 

As a mountain.! 

A mountain has a ridge! 

That ridge is just like the sky. 

Do you know what they have in common? 

You never touch them. 

Did you already feel that your life couldn’t be better? 


I’m not an expert when it comes to life, 

but one thing I know! 

And that’s... 

You were never in the ridge; 

And the life will never let you touch the ridge! 

The wind is too powerful there! 

When you get close of it, 

It’s an obligation for the wind take you down! 

You fall by the mountain. 

After that... 

The river takes you away from the mountain! 

What does that mean?


That means, when you get close of your happiness, 

The life will always find a way... 

Find a way for what? 

Find a way to take you down! 

When that happens,  

The most important thing is grown and learn. 

And then? 

Then you live your life as always.! 

The fuel is your dreams, 

That you can never forget.! 

Follow your dreams.! 

Be happy.! 

And grow.!