O jovem Poeta



I’ve been trying to say it!

To make myself clear!

I really did! I talked with...



People I just talked for five minutes!

But I didn’t make it!

I didn’t make myself clear!

There’s maybe someone...

The Person!

I don’t know why this all happened!

I don’t know who was it for!

Maybe for me!

Or perhaps for The Society!

Sometimes I think,

I made it for the pressure from Her!

I’m trying to embrace it!

To embrace it all!

If The Person knew,

What I feel,

What I think,

What I see,

What I live...

I don’t know what could happen!

I wish I could pretend I can do it!

But I can’t!

I’m going to say it!

I’m afraid!


I’ll try to explain it all!

Explain how I see,

The magic moments,

How I live them!

If in the world in which,

With The Person I can talk...

I, honestly, hope...

She understands me!

And finally,

Misunderstandings will end!