Alexandre Melo


Going through love

The words don't come out!

I need to see the light!

The darkest days have started!

How long will this take?

I made no mistakes!

I don't know what I've done!

Help me, oh Sir!

People don't know how to take it!

Don't they see?

Are they...?

Really, what are they?



'Cause they don't see!

The hell's coming!

And the darkness will shine!

I gave all of me!

And you gave me nothing!

Oh, I forgot...

You gave me something!



And the feeling of being refused!

We knew each other in unusual circumstances!

Was it love?

Was it childish stuff?

Were we going to take that seriously?

Perhaps, that wasn't our way!

Or our way was to follow separated ways!

That pesky love...

Took everything we wanted the most!

That pesky love...

Put us in the darkest holes we have ever been!

To end an advice to that pesky love!

Don't you even think in target me again!

'Cause if you do such a thing,

I won't give a sh***!

Destiny what do you have to me?

More suffering?

More gloom?

More shattered hearts?

More what?

I'm done of your games!

People say,

"Take that as a lesson!"

But they don't feel it!

They don't help you!


What's next, Destiny?



Please, go to it.

Do whatever you wanna do,

But don't across my way to happiness!